Phaedra has been physically active all her life. During her youth, she participated in cheer leading and English style equestrian arts.  She was also quite fond of various styles of dancing, to include tap, salsa and the waltz.  These activities and interests spilled over into her adult life; contributing to an active, energetic and healthy lifestyle. Phaedra’s active lifestyle, coupled with healthy eating habits and exercise, continue to benefit her today.

After the birth of her son, Phaedra like most women was very eager to gain the taut body she’d enjoyed prior to pregnancy.  She immediately enlisted the help of her husband Apollo, who is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer. Together the devised a nutrition and a challenging but fun workout plan for optimal results.  After only 45 days, Phaedra surpassed her goal and was actually slimmer than before pregnancy which inspired her to help others achieve their goals.

Phaedra and Apollo have packaged this fun and engaging workout routine into a two-part video series, Phine Body by Phaedra & Apollo. The work out features a variety of elements ranging from dance-oriented cardio to core-toning muscle exercises. Phaedra and Apollo hope to encourage people of all ages, shapes and sizes to stay active and eat healthy. Whether you want to get PHINE or stay PHINE, this work out is for you!

Specialized Training

Dance-Oriented Cardio to Core-Toning Muscle